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  1. TTMC


I love doing it big, doing it big
I love takin a spliff, rolling it big yeah
And I can admit, I like to zig
Zag it a bit. But I stay away from counterfeit.

Im trynna see my momma on a sun deck
Im trynna see my father rock a Rolex
Im trynna see a million dollar paycheck
And I conceive it’s boutta be the best year

Cuz I waitin’ no more
You catch me working or I’m dead on the floor
If you hatin’ you can head for the door
I got the reasons so I’m true to my core

I ain’t selling out for anybody
Come right back back if you wanna try
But I will not just sell my body
For the struggle or the lobby
For the state or for the rowdy
But I will get rich cuz I’m willing to outwork everybody, uh
Im lovin’ life, I’ve feeling out of body
If you comprehend the zen, I could show how to copy,
I’ve been working by the Fens, take a trip right down to Boston
Take a trip there with your friends,
We could have a fucking party