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  1. In The Mist


I hate it when they fall in love
I hate it when they calling up
And obviously I saw it coming
And obviously I had you coming

You ain’t ever wanna see me
Cuz you claim you seen the real me
But you never seen the real me
You ain’t seen who I can be

It usually ends up like this
In a jungle and you’re in the mist
I’m a lion so don’t get it twisted
I don’t stop my hunt for a bitch

You think you can hold me down
But I’ll just leave you broken down
Cuz I’m in too deep right now
Can’t afford for you to slow me down

You think I’m fake
I got to pay, I’m to blame
I gotta face,
I don’t wanna see you look at me
I won’t talk unless you talk to me
So just please tell me what’s you want
Please tell me what you need
I don’t wanna leave until it’s clear
I don’t wanna sleep, I’m done with dreaming

I’ve been in a dream
It ain’t what it seems
I want something real
I want something deep

Now I got the feels
That I can’t conceal
I wear it on my sleeve
Pour it on a sheet