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  1. Electrified


Day to day
I don’t feel how long it takes
Get lost looking at the bay
Get lost looking at you babe
Bless where I came from haven’t changed much
Only my ambition and a bigger fucking pay stub
We got long ways to a finale
For now let’s fly with the pilot
Not no autopilot
Im moving like I’m high off of Molly
But I’m past those days so Imma roll out like a trolley
Sticking the fuzzy mean green and the Johnnie
Know I got a dollar and a dream. Word to J Cole.
Yeah I wanna take more
Word I want the whole load
‘Fore I die I wanna make sure
That it’s better than it was before

We getting old
Still young but time is flying
Can’t take it slow
Way too aware of dying
Write that shit in bold
I wont stop till I’m shining
Lightning in my soul
Ooh I feel electrified

I’m loving how the light shine through
From that one little window
Staying grateful for the food
On my plate every day
Cuz my folks back home losing weight
And it’s so hard to say
But it’s true
I got it better than a lot of people
I’ll admit it
Someone said that everybody equal
Wishful thinking
If that was true then all my worries cease up in a minute
Imagine like I’m Lennon I can’t live my life pretending

I can’t live my life pretending
Self awareness be the message
Always searching for the lesson
One time baby one time
Shock me till I can’t breathe
I cannot let things just be
I cannot move too slowly
I will not give up easy