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  1. Good Morning


Going off
Tell me more
I won’t take it easy
Im on the floor

I wanna see it
See it all

Low enough
Can’t withdraw
Already said I’m leaving
I’m on the move

I wanna be it
Be it all

The way I feel tonight
It make me feel so high
Wont let the times pass by
And we can float tonight

Can’t seem to let it go
Crazy I’m out of control
Baby let’s hit the road
Let’s put on a show

I feel it building
I’m revealing
What I’m thinking
On my mission
Full of demons
Im surrounded
by some creatures
That just kill for their beliefs
Don’t feel the need to tilt the needle
I’m just prone to all the evil
stay away for all my people

This game isn’t for the feeble
World really too harsh to see through
Life is crazy and we all screwed
Up the dose, THC brew